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Water Leak Detection

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FLIR E-Series Infrared Camera Wi-Fi Transfer to Apple iPadWater Leak Detection Service

Water leaks can be a costly business. You know there’s a problem but you or your Plumber can’t find it.

The Carpet Boss to the rescue with our Water Leak Detection Service.

Flir thermal camera’s show you exactly where the problems are quickly so you can focus on detecting energy waste, moisture and electrical issues. It’s the cost-effective and easy way to help save you money. Burst pipes under floor’s, embedded in walls, leaky roof’s can easily be found saving pounds on destructive building works . http:  The Carpet Boss can get to the heart of your water leak detection problem. We supply you with a full report including thermal image photography and digital photography so that you have a record for insurance companies and any litigation that you may pursue.

Reason’s you should choose us for your water leak detection


  • Non destructive and accurate detection
  • Accurate reporting and cost effective
  • Minimised water loss and damage to fabric of building
  • Water Leak Detection in Kent and South East London
  • Reasonable Cost within Kent and South East London
1.0mm  water leak from a pipe may lose up to 58 litres per hour causing considerable damage, have your water leak detection carried out now!

The Flir E50 XB is the choice of The Carpet Boss

Water leak Detection


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