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If you are moving out of a property, have no children or pets, and are not likely to spill anything on the rugs, then our Rug Cleaning service in kent and South East London  may be adequate for your requirements. We will:


  • Place the rug onto a rug cleaning board & rake
  • Thoroughly vacuum & pre-treat spills, spots & stains
  • Deep clean the rugs using exclusive hot carbonation system
  •  Apply our fringe finishing solution
  • Buff rugs to enhance drying
  • Re-vacuum and rake the rugs over
  • Contact you 24 hours later to make sure you’re totally happy with the results of your rug cleaning.


Remember to choose a specialist Professional Rug Cleaning Company because there can be many problems if work is not carried out correctly including dye bleeding and shrinkage.ChemDry The Carpet Boss have over 40 years experience with cleaning rugs.


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Upgrade Your Level of Professional Rug Cleaning

Clean & Protect

Repel Protectant will give rugs extra protection from dry soiling and accidental spillages. Our service in Kent & South East London means your valuable rugs will stay cleaner longer, clean easier, have improved stain resistance and last longer with the Clean & Protect Service >>

Healthy Home

This is the ultimate in rug maintenance with all the benefits of the Clean Only and Clean & Protect service and much cheaper and less hassle than replacing rugs! Check out our Healthy Home Service >>

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    Our unique, formula ensures the fastest possible drying time.

  • Total Satisfaction

    We will give you total satisfaction or your money back, guaranteed! When technican is there.

  • No Sweat

    We will move your moveable furniture where possible and carefully put it back when we've finished.

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