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Clean & Protect


will give upholstery extra protection from dry soiling and accidental spillages. Your valuable upholstery will stay cleaner longer, vacuum easier, have improved stain resistance and last longer with the Clean & Protect Service. We will

  • Thoroughly vacuum & pre-treat spills, spots & stains
  • Deep clean the upholstery using exclusive hot carbonation system
  • Brush or towel the fabric as required
  • Protect your upholstery with Protectant
  • Contact you 24 hours later to make sure you’re totally happy with the results]
  • Watch our protectant video below:



 How does protectant  work ?

Clean & protect works by reducing surface tension of carpet fibres, which causes them to repel soils as well as suspend spills on the fibre tips longer in order to help assist in spot cleaning as well as minimizing the spreading of spills. This characteristic allows for easier and more effective vacuuming of soils. Two other noteworthy characteristics of protectant is a reduction in the static generating properties of a carpet, and less potential for wicking. In addition  protectors, colorless acid-based dye stain blockers (protectors) can be added to post dyed nylon fibres to provide improved stain resistant properties. Positive charged stain blockers accomplish this by being attracted to negatively charged dyes sites on post dyed yarns. Stain blockers impregnate fibre dye sites, forming a barrier that protects the fibre from stain-producing contaminants, especially those that contain acid-based dyes (e.g. colas, coffee, tea, fruit punch, etc.) similar to the acid-based dyestuffs used during the carpet dying process. The presence of stain blocker prevents potential staining agents from having a site on the fibres to cling to. Dye blockers that can be steamed and heat-set, or baked-on fibres during manufacturing to provide more long-lasting protection. Allhough protection treatments and acid-based dye blockers help extend the beauty and life of a carpet, they are not permanently attached to carpet fibres. As a result, their effectiveness diminishes with repeated foot traffic  abrasion and cleanings. Because of this, the re-application of a protector during carpet cleaning is recommended for continued protection.


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Clean & Protect

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Healthy Home

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