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Carpet and upholstery Cleaning – The importance of value and price

Written by on 22 Apr 2013




Price Vs Value

When you look for a carpet cleaner you will choose from a wide variety of cleaning methods and prices. Everything is available, from cheap and cheerful cleaning from a part time carpet cleaner with poor equipment that he bought second hand on  ebay to true professional service from an established business with a reputation for excellence.

As you know, price is what you pay

and value is what you get.


We was once called in after a ” Carpet Cleaner” used “Flash” to clean a wool carpet. Its was a nice cheap job until the” carpet cleaner” disappeared and  they nearly had to have the carpet replaced.

Some methods are quicker than others and some carpet cleaners like us use the fantastic truck mounted system  for that premier finish, but whichever process is used the skill and care of the technician determines how well it works within its limits. If the cleaning company is competing on price the carpet cleaner may need to rush the jobs to earn a reasonable living. Most good businesses know what their service is worth and charge accordingly.

If your furnishings are cheap and cheerful then you may be able to risk a cheap job. On the other hand, if you take pride in your home, you will want to choose a reputable cleaning company with the best equipment and cleaning products. They will take the time and care necessary to produce the best  cleaning result possible.

At The Carpet Boss we use the Truck mounted system combined with our Famous first class  natural cleaning solution that has a healing effect on your carpets and upholstery.

We have a world class training programme for our Carpet Boss staff to learn the latest techniques. We are fully insured for £5,000,000 pounds and all our staff are security cleared and wear company uniform.. We are recommended by all leading manufacturer through  out the world.


peace of Mind with the Carpet Boss






Relax with a Peace of Mind

So when price is an issue maybe its time to consider the long term value and peace of mind.

Take advantage and add some real value with our 3 for 2 clean & protect Magnificent  seasonal offer. ( check to see if available)

Whether you need a carpet cleaner in Canterbury, Bromley or Broadstairs or South East London call:

The Carpet Boss  07549009235


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